This was the most difficult presentation I gave in my WW2 class. The class was at Virginia Tech so all the students except one knew nothing about Los Angeles. So the first slides were talking about what was meant by Los Angeles, that it could be the city of Los Angeles, the county of Los Angeles or Metro Los Angeles. the city id Los Angeles is the defined city limits which include the city and the San Fernando Valley (expect the independent cities in the Valley like San Fernando. ) The county of Los Angeles includes the city of LA and areas from the coast through the Antelope Valley. Metro Los Angeles means different things to different people, but most people believe it to be LA county, Orange County, Ventura County.

Once I defined the geographical boundaries I started with the Japanese shelling of the Santa Barbra oilfields. Then led to FDR authorizing the Interment of Japanese-Americans in the western United States.

Then I discussed more about the Internet quote George Takai while showing picture of Japanese-American children wearing their Interment tags around their necks.

I bereifly talked about the role of Hollywood during the war because another group member went into depth about it.

Then I talked about the role of engineering built Los Angeles from more than just Hollywood through the war and ended with how Los Angeles was affected in the Post War period through today from the legacy of World War 2.