History Projects


At CSUN, I took a course in World War 2, a course in Hitler's Germany and the Holocaust. My last WW2 course at CSUN was a seminar in naval engagements in WW2 where I wrote about submarines in WW2.

At Virginia Tech I took a WW2 course, it was more than just a standard lecture but more like how to teach and how to learn about WW2. I gave a few presentations in the class about different parts of WW2. If you would like to see the video of the PowerPoint presentations click here.

US History

I mostly studied US History after World War 2. The two papers I remember the most were:

  • The Role of Women in the 1950's
  • Music and its effects in Southern California sub-cultures in the 1950's and 60's (Basically I wrote about surf music and the effects of surf culture)

World History

Outside of US History I studied Chinese history, South East Asia geography, 19th century Latin American History, 20th century Latin American History and Mexican History from Conquest to Today.