This is a program I wrote for my first ECE C++ class at Virginia Tech. It is a decimal to binary, octal, or hexadecimal converter. The program uses an input file and outputs the conversion into an output file

To use the converter use a text files with the numbers that need to be converted. If a number is greater than 2^base the program will return an error (as it is currently written).

Underneath is a zip file of the source code.

This was a program I wrote for a c++ course in the Computer Science department at Virginia tech.

It is a basic tax calculator. It is a pretty brute force method of calculating the taxes. It uses a separate header file with all the constants so it can be quickly adjusted to new tax rates that have minimal down time.

Underneath is a zip file of the program.

This was one of the first c++ programs I wrote. It generates random multiplication problems and tells the user if they get the answer correct or in correct. If the user is incorrect the program will give the correct answer. After the user tells the program they are done it will give the number correct and the total number of problems attempted.

Underneath is the cpp file.