After leaving the Navy, I went to California State University, Northridge and completed a BA in History in 3.5 years.

A partial list of courses taken:

  • World War II
  • US History
  • California History
  • Los Angeles History and Geography
  • Western Civilization
  • Chinese History
  • Geography of South East Asia
  • History of the 1950's


While I was completing my teaching credential program I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) and a staff instructor. I was a GTA for US history to 1865 and US history from 1865 and I taught a supplemental section that accompanied the US history to 1865 class.

As a student teacher I taught 8th grade US history and 10th grade World history.


I'm currently a student studying Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech.

A partial list of courses completed:

  • Engineering Economics
  • Introduction Programming in Java
  • Introduction Programming in C++
  • Technical Writing
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)